therapy dogs

They are household pets of all sizes, young and old, with pedigree or of mixed backgrounds. They are the happy volunteers who along with their owner bring cheer to hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation and other long-term care facilities. Their visit brightens up the day of the ill and frail, brings smiles to toddler's faces, all-in-all helping people cope with illness, loss and depression. Sometimes they are the only physical contact with another living being proffering a head or paw to be patted. They are the helping and calming paw.

We would like to introduce visiting pooches and their stories on this page. So, if your dog brings smiles to unhappy faces, or if you know of one, please write down their experience and send it to



The very handsome and cuddly Alfred, an Old English Sheepdog, lives in a Melbourne Suburb. He regularly visits hospitals spreading cheer and love in the wards.