...telling a story

This is the canine soap box, the place where your dog, with your help, can philosophize about the world at large and entertain us with a story. Perhaps about the day he brought his human to tears with laughter; that dream about the tantalizing bone in the butcher's window; the unforgettably exciting adventures in the park; the master's idiosyncrasies; remembering the day he first set eye on his new friend, you; an encounter with the arch enemy, the cat; the not so long ago bark-off with the neighbour's mutt...er..dog. Anything really your dog wants to get off his or her chest or what you would like to tell about your dog, as long as it is not offensive in any way. We'll publish it on this page.

All you have to do is take note of what your dog has to say, write it down and then email it to: dogs@webdogs.com.au. Content is submitted at your own risk, please do not submit any material which is not your own.

Enjoy their stories